Front Office


  • Brad Sims
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Matt Goodman
    COO/Chief Commercial Officer
  • Jennifer O’Sullivan
    COO/Chief Legal & Administrative Officer
  • Kyle Burkhardt
    Senior Director, Business Intelligence
  • Jose Paolini Neto
    Senior Director, Information Technology
  • Juviza Jimenez
    Senior Director, Human Resources
  • Mark Saca
    Senior Support & Project Lead, IT
  • Matt Burke
    IT Application Lead
  • Richard Wilkins
    Infrastructure and Support Engineer
  • Heather Walczuk
    Safeguarding Manager
  • Patrick Murphy
    Legal Counsel
  • Melanie Cordovi
    Human Resources Specialist
  • Shaquan Abney
    Staff Accountant
  • Dylan Hewko
    Assistant Controller
  • Alex Arthur
    Assistant to the CEO & Special Projects Lead
  • Destiny Castro
    CRM Specialist
  • Corinne Peters
    Lead Analyst, Data & Insights


  • David Lee
    Sporting Director
  • Sam Pugsley
    VP, Sporting Operations & Strategy
  • Brendan Smith
    Director, Academy Administration
  • Daniel Laroche
    Equipment Manager
  • Konstantin Pyankov
    Manager of Team Operations
  • Luke Cooper
    Head of Sports Science
  • Daniel Fradley
    Head of Performance Analysis
  • Dan Miller
    Performance Analyst
  • Kevin Tosti
    Performance Analyst
  • Conner Alexander
    Academy Administrator
  • Christopher Terry
    Academy Administrator
  • Tara Condon
    U12-U14 Athletic Trainer/Performance Coach
  • Omar Edwards
    Recruitment Lead U9 - U13
  • Brian Walsh
    Director, Youth Programs
  • Kevin Dorn
    Manager, Youth Programs
  • Raul Santos
    Youth Programs Regional Coordinator
  • Calum Sinclair
    Youth Programs Regional Coordinator
  • Nathaniel Bekoe
    Coordinator, Player Care
  • Liz Sheeran
    Executive Assistant
  • Noah Ross
    Scouting Information Manager
  • Edwin Aguilar
    Equipment Coordinator

Technical Staff

  • Ronny Deila
    Head Coach
  • Mehdi Ballouchy
    Assistant Coach
  • Nick Cushing
    Assistant Coach
  • Efraín Juárez
    Assistant Coach
  • Robert Vartughian
    Assistant Coach
  • Jake Roswell
    Performance Coach
  • Constantine Demetriadis
    Head Athletic Trainer
  • Melvyn Pamplona
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Sebastian Siclari
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Matt Pilkington
    Performance Phase Lead/U19 Academy Coach
  • Hugo Guzman
    U17 Academy Coach
  • Michael Dal Pra
    Development Phase Lead/U15 Academy Coach
  • Bonny Londono
    U12 Academy Coach
  • Peter Watson
    U12 Academy Coach
  • Danny Cepero
    U15-U19 Academy Goalkeeping Coach
  • Steven Diaz
    U12-U14 Academy Goalkeeping Coach
  • Jonathan D'Angelo
    Head of Performance (Academy)
  • Diego Martinez
    Performance Coach (Academy)
  • Amy Aviles
    Academy Athletic Trainer
  • Kelly Fenton
    Massage Therapist
  • Nick Caropino
    Sports Rehabilitation Therapist


  • Paul Jeffries
    Executive Director & Board Member, CITC
  • Prospero Herrera
    Senior Manager, Community Development
  • Kwame King
    Coordinator, Youth Leadership


  • Matt Pellegrino
    Senior Director, Operations and Match Day Security
  • Mike Cullen
    Senior Manager, Operations
  • Mike Casazza
    Operations Coordinator


  • Tony Lynn
    Sr. Director, Infrastructure Services
  • Scott Butch
    Manager, Training Facility
  • Stefanie White
    Office Manager
  • Lauren Yazzetta
    Facility Operations Coordinator
  • Alec Schoenholtz
    Facilities Supervisor


  • Sarah Bishop
    VP, Marketing
  • Katie Lynch
    Senior Director, Integrated Marketing
  • Mark Booth
    Director, Digital
  • Milo Kowalski
    Director, Brand Marketing and Creative Services
  • Steven Kocal
    Senior Manager, Match Presentation
  • Jose Medrano
    Senior Manager, Broadcast & Video
  • Carter Daly
    Manager, Social Media and Content
  • Augusto LunaVictoria
    Manager, Fan Development
  • Maira Sansuste
    Manager, Digital
  • Kylie Woyat
    Graphic Designer
  • Brandon Bullas
    Junior Graphic Designer
  • Katie Cahalin
    Senior Digital Producer
  • Kristan Heneage
    Digital Content Producer
  • Tanner Smith
    Digital Video Producer
  • Marissa Soto
    Marketing Specialist
  • Tommie Battle
    Coordinator, Social Media


  • Sam Cooke
    Vice President, Communications
  • Nicole Chayet
    Senior Director, Media Relations, Broadcasting and Influencer Marketing
  • Amanda Marston
    Senior Director, Communications
  • Woody Wilder
    Manager, Media Relations
  • Modupeh Jahamaliah
    Manager, Communications


  • Andres Gonzalez
    Vice President, Partnerships
  • Kaitlyn Beale
    Director, Partnership Sales
  • Stephanie Webber
    Director, Partnership Sales
  • Brent Simmons
    Senior Director, Partnership Marketing
  • Rebecca Rowley
    Director, Partnership Marketing
  • Doug Bennett
    Manager, Partnership Marketing
  • Sam Cathcart
    Manager, Partnership Marketing
  • Ara Sarajian
    Director, Partnership Development
  • David Hiller
    Manager, Partnership Development
  • Sukhmani Singh
    Manager, Partnership Development

Ticketing & Fan Services

  • Jordan Cannon
    Senior Director, Ticket Sales
  • Daniel Ruzow
    Senior Manager, Ticket Operations
  • Joe Redmon
    Senior Manager, Ticket Sales
  • Owen Wilson
    Manager, Ticket Operations
  • Matt Browne
    Manager, Business Development
  • Marcella Medaglia
    Premium Experience Associate
  • Gabe Gimenez
    Premium Experience Associate
  • Andrew Martin
    Premium Sales Manager
  • McKenna Straube
    Membership Development Specalist
  • Taylor White
    Membership Development Specalist
  • James Mason
    Membership Development Specalist
  • Marco Rodrigues
    Senior Business Development Executive
  • Josh Kotin
    Senior Business Development Executive
  • Matt Mandile
    Business Development Executive
  • Mike Keelen
    Business Development Executive
  • Chris Anderson
    Business Development Executive
  • Valerie Monsen
    Business Development Associate

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