Xylem And Cityzens Giving Launch Program To Provide Vital Water Education To 5,000 Young People

New Water Heroes Academy Will Empower Young Leaders Around The World To Solve Water Challenges Through Soccer

Today, on World Water Day, global water technology company Xylem teams up with City Football Group’s global foundation program, Cityzens Giving, to empower a network of 100 Young Leaders to deliver innovative projects that will use soccer to provide vital water education to 5,000 young people in five cities around the world. The Water Heroes Academy combines seed funding, educational tools, training and mentoring from Xylem and Cityzens Giving, giving participants all they need to create their own unique programs.

Over the next twelve months, the youth-led projects - located in New York City, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Cape Town and Shanghai - will provide essential education on water, sanitation and hygiene through specially adapted soccer games. In addition, young leaders will identify a water challenge specific to their city and creatively use the power of soccer to educate young people on this issue.

The program kicked off with a global Water & Football Summit, digitally connecting the 100 young leaders from NGO partners around the world for a series of live interactive discussions on how to use soccer to solve water challenges. The young leaders had the opportunity to hear from Xylem and City Football experts on topics including water access, creating water-resilient communities, using soccer as an education tool, and the power of storytelling, to enhance their understanding and inspire them with ideas to take back to their communities.

This new initiative builds on Xylem’s continued support of Cityzens Giving projects in Bangalore, India and Cape Coast, Ghana which have engaged over 11,800 young people since 2018 with soccer-based education on hand hygiene and preventing the spread of germs, combined with clean water filtration towers to increase access to safe water and reduce the risk of illness faced by children in disadvantaged communities.

Vanessa Perez, a Young Leader from NYCFC said: “The summit was a life changing experience. I met people from different continents, and learned about each city's water problem. Something that surprised me was how much water my city wastes and that there’s water scarcity in different cities across the world and my own backyard of NYC. I’m looking forward to be part of this amazing program and using soccer to educate children on water issues in my community. Let’s solve water! “

Tom Pitchon, Director of City Football Groups’ global foundation said: “Football is much more than a game. It’s a language to build trust with young people and communicate around a whole range of topics, including how to protect our health and our planet through water hygiene and conservation. We’re delighted to launch the Water Heroes Academy with Xylem, blending the expertise of both organizations over the next twelve months to deliver life-changing impact for young people across the globe.”

Joseph Vesey, Xylem’s Chief Marketing Officer, commented: “Solving the world’s biggest water challenges is Xylem’s purpose, and this program helps motivated young people lead on solutions for their own communities, but with the big advantage of a global network of innovators. Xylem partners with NYCFC, Manchester City, and CFG clubs around the world, in large part because of shared values: a company changing the world through water, and a team changing the world through football. The Water Heroes Academy is a team effort, focusing the joy and power of football to engage a generation of young people to lead their communities in addressing vital water challenges.”

Through their partnership with New York City FC, Manchester City, and Mumbai City FC, Xylem aims to raise awareness about pressing global water challenges and solutions. Their latest campaign, ‘Be a Water Hero’ engages the next generation of water advocates and calls on football fans to consider the impact that excessive water use can have on society and our environment.

City Football Group is currently providing advisory services to Mumbai City FC and has entered into an agreement to acquire a majority investment in Mumbai City FC. The purchase is awaiting final approvals.

Find out more on how you can get involved and ‘Be a Water Hero’ - https://www.nycfc.com/beawaterhero