NYU Radio Course

New York City FC and the NYU School of Professional Studies Renew Soccer, Radio, and Social Entrepreneurship Course for NYC Youth

For the third consecutive year, New York City Football Club (NYCFC) will join with the NYU School of Professional Studies (NYUSPS) in offering “Soccer, Radio, and Social Entrepreneurship,” an academic experience for high school students from communities across the five NYC boroughs. The course launched virtually in July and will continue to take place over the next four weeks.

In the wake of the recent Civil Rights Movement in the United States, this year’s course will focus on the intersection of soccer and race. Topics will include diversity of national teams, integration of teams, diverse voices within the sport of soccer and more. The program teaches and empowers young people to contribute their voices to discussions about pressing issues as they relate to soccer and beyond.

Susan Greenbaum, Dean of the NYU School of Professional Studies, said:

“Each year, high school students benefit tremendously from the unique learning experience that the collaboration between the NYU School of Professional Studies and NYCFC provides. This year’s programming is particularly meaningful in the way it will address critical issues regarding diversity in the sport of soccer and beyond. We are thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to students

who are our hope for the future, and who will play an integral role in carrying out the changes that must occur to ensure equality in sports and in all other facets of our lives.”

Students will have the opportunity to apply newly acquired skills in the real world with NYCFC on-air talent, Glenn Crooks, interview NYCFC players and coaches, and will learn how to use sports media as a platform for self-expression and tool to engage their peers in conversations about social change and community development.

The NYUSPS “Soccer, Radio and Social Entrepreneurship” course introduces students to the social and cultural significance of soccer through training in radio production, including audio recording and editing, editorial management, and radio presenting. The student-produced segments will highlight young voices, explore the potential of soccer to help community development, and promote the return of soccer and NYCFC with the MLS is Back tournament. 

David Hollander, Assistant Dean of NYU School of Professional Studies Real World, and co-creator of this joint program commented:

“Responsible 21st century education means not just giving students the right skills but having them solve actual problems in the real world.

“When you do that, you give them their first moment of ownership in this world, which is the beginning of an empowered consciousness of economic self-determination verified with the tools to make it continue.”

By the end of the four weeks, students will share final projects on the Soccer Bloc podcast and showcase their hands-on experience in sports journalism while strengthening their listening, interviewing and storytelling skills. Most importantly, they will learn about the ways in which sports and media can serve as critical influencers in promoting equality, social justice and strong community relations.