Trending: Holiday Special Feat. Chapocoense & Neymar

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate… and welcome back to a very special festive edition of Trending, our compendium of the most-shared videos online from the last seven days.

We say “festive” but honestly it’s just more weird soccer-y videos, but let’s not split hairs - it’s the holiday season…

Chapecoense Charity Match

This. Is. Brilliant.

Chapecoense goalkeeper Jakson Follmann lost a limb in the tragic plane crash which rocked the world of soccer last year, but he was back on the field in a charity match over Christmas.

Follmann was right in the thick of the action too, scoring a penalty thanks to an assist from fellow survivor Alan Ruschel, before, he went down clutching his prosthetic leg, feigning injury.

So, so good.

Neymar Golazo

Staying in Brazil, Neymar scored an incredible strike in a Sao Paulo charity match on Christmas Eve. I guess that’s why he’s the most expensive player ever!


Presenting, the best FIFA glitch these eyes have seen…


Villarreal at Christmas

OK, so maybe the Trending Festive Special should have some Christmas in it… thanks to La Liga outfit Villarreal for this one.

We’ll see if our boys are game for something similar next year… don’t hold your breath!

Thiago to Santa

Stunning ball from Thiago Alcantara to St Nick…

Craziest Day in Soccer?

26 December is always a busy day of football in the United Kingdom but the Boxing Day program in 1963 was especially dramatic.

Recognized widely as the craziest day in English soccer history, with 66 goals being scored across 10 games – for all you math fans out there – that’s an average of 6.6 goals per game.


The Obligatory Miss of the Week

It just wouldn’t be an edition of Trending without a big miss… Danny Verbeek of Dutch side Den Bosch serves up this week’s.

One of Our Own

An ICYMI, if you’ll permit us… but this gave us all the festive feels as this adorable duo from City in the Community’s Saturday Night Lights program performed this special Christmas Carol which we released on Christmas Day.

There we have it… I guess it turned out pretty festive in the end. Happy Holidays from all of us at NYCFC!