Berkeley College NYCFC

NEW YORK, N.Y., June 10, 2021 — New York City Football Club (NYCFC) is proud to announce that it has entered into its first higher education partnership with Berkeley College. The NYCFC and Berkeley College partnership will provide opportunities to collaborate on education, career development, and health and fitness initiatives that will benefit NYCFC fans and employees, along with Berkeley College and its students.

“NYCFC’s values and multicultural and multilingual communities are aligned with Berkeley College’s mission of empowering students to achieve lifelong success in dynamic careers,” said Diane Recinos, EdD, Senior Vice President of Student Success at Berkeley College. “This partnership with New York City’s Major League Soccer organization is an exciting way to engage with youth and families and spread awareness of the importance of higher education,” said Recinos.

The partnership will also extend to Berkeley College’s affiliate international language school, Rennert International, which will provide NYCFC’s First Team Players with language translation and interpretation services.

With a shared value of providing diverse and equitable pathways to educating the next generation of New Yorkers, NYCFC, Berkeley College, and Rennert International will use the power of soccer to enrich the lives of local youth and NYCFC’s multicultural communities.

A key advantage of the partnership for NYCFC is Berkeley College’s Corporate Learning Partnership (CLP) tuition discount program of up to 30%, which applies to Berkeley College’s undergraduate and graduate MBA programs for employees and their families. Berkeley College will also provide NYCFC with professional development and training programs.

As part of the partnership, NYCFC will provide Berkeley student scholars with internship opportunities, enabling students to gain hands-on work experience in the front office of a professional soccer team. In addition, NYCFC will open its Front Office Shadowing Day to ten Berkeley College students to provide access to NYCFC’s leadership team and an inside look into how a professional soccer team operates.

Beginning in 2022, NYCFC will support Berkeley College student health and fitness initiatives by hosting private soccer programs and giving direct access to elite training.

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