Soccer Bloc

In many of underserved communities, our leaders identified that kids lack access to any programming throughout the summer. Therefore, the YLC aimed to create a summer program that will help connect communities through a common passion of soccer. Our goal is to use soccer as a tool to develop young leaders. Soccer Bloc is designed to illustrate values such as teamwork, camaraderie, and dedication. 

Soccer Bloc will be completely free, meaning anyone could join the program, if he/she meets the age limit (6-14 years old). Our programs will operate in each borough so every kid in NYC will be given an opportunity. Children will be trained by experienced coaches, who will be teaching soccer through a curriculum designed by the YLC. This curriculum aims to maximize learning and leadership skills through drills and team-building exercises. The goal of our summer program is not only instilling leadership skills to the youth of New York City, but also allow children to have fun and play soccer in a safe community, ultimately building stronger communities together.

5 Borough Tournament Photos

The 5 Borough Tournament brings children across the 5 boroughs to experience, learn and meet different people. This tournament has a winner but it’s not about winning or losing it's about having fun. There are some kids in this program that have never left their boroughs before and this exposes them to the NYC that we love and cherish, the melting pot of cultures.

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Soccer Bloc Photos
Soccer Bloc Photos