New York City FC’s ticket plan prices will incorporate both variable and dynamic pricing models, with the goal of ensuring that City Members always receive the best pricing and value.



What is Variable & Dynamic Pricing?



Dynamic pricing, which has been in place since the 2015 season, responds to changing factors that affect market demand. As a result, individual game and group ticket prices may change throughout the season.



Variable pricing takes multiple factors into consideration when determining match grades, such as opponent, day of week, time of season, promotional giveaway and more.





 Why did we adopt variable and dynamic pricing?

Variable and dynamic pricing allows for a true market value for each match. It ensures City Members always receive the best average price per seat, per match.

 How are ticket prices calculated?

Ticket prices are calculated through an aggregate of City Membership sales, individual match sales, secondary market trends, and more.

 Will this impact the total cost of my City Membership?

No, your total cost remains the same. Using variable and dynamic pricing will give a true value to each match included in your Membership, rather than the same price for all matches.

 How will this affect the Ticket Trade-in Program?

You will receive the variable value of the seats you are trading in to use towards add-on tickets or to upgrade your seats.