FAQ: How To Sell Tickets on Stubhub

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 What are the benefits to selling my tickets at StubHub?

StubHub provides a safe and secure environment to buy and sell tickets, excellent customer support 24/7, and the StubHub FanProtect™ Guarantee.

At StubHub:

  • Listing your tickets only takes a few minutes and we'll even help you price.
  • You'll get paid fast when your tickets sell.
  • Payment by PayPal or direct deposit.
  • Once your listing is up, it stays up, unless you change your mind.
 How do I create a Stubhub account?

It's easy! On the Stubhub homepage,

  1. Go to Sign in > My Hub and click Sign up at the bottom of the pop-up next to New to StubHub?
  2. Enter your first name, last name, email address*, and create a password. *YOU MUST USE THE SAME EMAIL AS YOUR NYCFC TICKET ACCOUNT*
  3. Click Sign up and you're done!
 Can I use my existing Stubhub account?

Yes! Just make sure you are using the same email as your NYCFC ticket account.

 How do I sell my NYCFC tickets on Stubhub?

Placing tickets for sale on StubHub is easy! To list your tickets:

  1. Visit the Stubhub NYCFC event page.
  2. Sign in (or create) a StubHub account, and follow the guided instructions. Let us know:
    • The number of tickets you're selling
    • The seat details and how you're delivering them, which will most likely be Mobile Transfer
    • Your price per ticket
  3. When selling tickets on StubHub, it's required to have a valid credit card on file to keep our users safe and secure. Enter your card details and choose your preferred payment method.
  4. Click "Create listing," and you're done!

You'll get a confirmation email when they're listed. Manage your listings via My tickets > Listings.

 How do I list mobile transfer tickets on Stubhub?

You can list tickets that are mobile transfer during the listing process - just choose “Transfer Mobile Tickets” as your ticket delivery method if it’s not already selected for you.

  • When your tickets sell, we'll email instructions to deliver them to your buyer
  • The buyer will use their mobile device to access and view the tickets on event day
 How do I know how much to price my tickets for?

You can price your tickets however you'd like! To see what other sellers are listing their tickets for, click "Get more pricing info" under "Set your price" in the listing process. To give you the best chance of selling your tickets, StubHub recommends pricing your tickets competitively from your initial listing and frequently checking to compare your ticket price to recently sold listings and active listings similar to yours. Just remember that when your tickets sell, StubHub may collect a fee on the ticket sale.

 How do I know if my tickets sold on Stubhub?

All sales can be found under My tickets > Sales in your StubHub account. StubHub sends confirmation emails, however it's the responsibility of the seller to monitor their account for any sales.

 I sold mobile transfer tickets on Stubhub. How do I deliver them to the buyer?

Once your tickets sell, you will receive an email with the buyer’s name and email. You must then follow these steps:

  1. Login to My AccountManager where your mobile tickets are located
  2. Find the tickets you sold. Click "Transfer"
  3. Enter the buyer’s name and email address to transfer the tickets
  4. Make sure you entered the right info. Click "Confirm Transfer"
  5. Back on Stubhub under the sale via My tickets > Sales, click "Confirm Delivery"
  6. Enter the buyer’s email address to complete the sale
 How do I delete a listing?

To delete a listing on a desktop:

  1. Go to the listing via My tickets > Listings
  2. Click "See actions" > Delete
  3. Click "Yes, delete it"

To delete a listing on the app:

  1. Tap the listing under My Tickets
  2. Tap Delete
  3. Tap "Yes" to confirm

Remember, you can delete your StubHub listing at any time as long as your tickets haven't sold.

 What is the cutoff for ticket sales on Matchday?

Ticket sales on Stubhub cutoff 4 hours prior to kick-off on Matchday.

 How much will I get charged if I cannot fulfill a sale?

According to Stubhub’s Seller Policies, if a seller can't provide the exact tickets sold on StubHub they'll be charged either 40% of the price of the tickets sold or the full amount incurred by StubHub when finding the buyer replacement tickets - whichever is greater.

 How do I get paid when selling tickets on Stubhub?

Sellers are paid by either PayPal or direct deposit.

For any additional questions, please visit the Stubhub Help Center or call 855.77.NYCFC.

 How much does it cost to sell tickets at StubHub?

It is free to list tickets for sale at StubHub. When your tickets sell, StubHub will collect their standard seller fee but NYCFC will give City Members a credit of any seller fees paid in excess of 5% on the sale of their NYCFC tickets on StubHub*. At the end of the season, City Members will be given the option to apply the credit to the renewal of their 2019 City Membership or other select ticket packages.

*Valid for NYCFC home matches only. Email used on your Stubhub account must match the email on your NYCFC ticket account. Account must be in good standing. Credit is not redeemable for cash.

 Who do I contact if I need help or have a question?

Check out the StubHub Help Center to search for answers to your questions or browse popular topics.

 Is it legal to resell tickets?

Reselling tickets is legal in all 50 states. Many states have laws against reselling tickets at an event site. In some states, there are limitations on the amount above face value that can be charged for a ticket. To sell tickets at StubHub, sellers must accept StubHub's user agreement and agree to abide by local regulations.