Ask Brad | NYCFC CEO Brad Sims City Member Q&A

NYCFC CEO Brad Sims hopped on Cisco WebEx to answer questions from City Members on all things 2020, the MLS is Back tournament, and more...

City Member Question Timecodes

00:00: Brad Sims welcome

04:05 - What are the next steps the Club will be taking over the coming months in the short term to support the Black Lives Matter movement and COVID-19 response groups?

09:20 - How can fans with means help strengthen those without so we can move forward collectively as a community? Can we build out the club's community initiatives to ensure that all are represented across those families with loss due to Covid-19, underrepresentation from BLM, Pride communities?

17:10 - What will the situation be with matches with fans this season, or next season if there is no vaccine? What kind of precautions will be taken?

22:08 - How has the stadium search/process been affected by COVID? Has it slowed down?

25:45 - What is the team doing to provide a more inclusive environment on game day?

29:00 - Compared to the current level of supporter's passion and team reactions/responses, how do you think a soccer-specific stadium will change the overall dynamic of the Club?

33:11 - What will NYCFC do for fans during the upcoming tournament so that we can participate?

37:10 - How confident is the organization that the players are going to be safe now that there is a spike in Coronavirus cases in Florida?