NYCFC Move! presented by Body Armor | Episode 4

NYCFC Move! presented by Body Armor is back to keep you active and healthy at home. New York City Football Club Performance Coach Jake Roswell is joined by Héber to demonstrate a circuit workout you can try at home to get your heart rate pumping. Share your exercises with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using #NYCFCMove.

Try these four exercises for 30 seconds each, and repeat for four rounds. For high intensity, continue through each exercises without resting until the end of the round. 

Later Lunge

Start in a standing position. Step out with one leg, keeping the opposite leg straight. Sit back into the lunge to activate the bent leg and use it to push yourself back up.

Shoulder Taps

Start in a pushup position and keep your legs wide for a strong base. Tap the opposite shoulder while engaging the core to make sure hips do not rotate from side to side. 

Reverse Lunge

Begin standing upright, then take a step back with one foot. Lower the hips so the forward thigh is parallel to the floor and the knee is at a 90 degree angle. Maintain a 90 degree angle your back leg as you lower the knee as close to the floor as possible. Alternate legs and continue for 30 seconds.


Start by laying facedown with both forearms on the floor. Flex your feet so the bottom of the toes are touching the ground and lift your body up. Tighten the core and be sure to avoid arching the lower back. Hold the position for 30 seconds.