NYCFC Move! | Episode 3

NYCFC Move! is back to keep you active and healthy at home. New York City Football Club Performance Coach Jake Roswell is joined by Ismael Tajouri-Shradi to get you loosened up this week with some stretches to keep the body feeling good. Share your exercises with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using #NYCFCMove.

90/90 Stretch

While seated on the floor, put one leg in front of you and the other out to the side. Esnure both are at a 90 degree angle, aligned with you hip. Begin the stretch by pushing your chest toward the ground. To increase that stretch, put your arm out to the side and rotate the opposite arm under.

Half Kneeling Groin Stretch

Begin on one knee with the opposite leg out to the side and your hands across your chest. Rotate your upper body toward the side with one knee on the ground. To increase the difficulty, put your hand down on the same side with your knee touching the ground. Take the hand closest to the straightened leg, rotating it under and up.

World's Greatest Stretch

Start in a long lunge position. The back leg can be raised or resting on the ground. Put the hand closest to the straight leg on the floor. Put the arm closest to the bent knee at a 90 degree angle and set it as close to the floor as you can. Rotate that arm straight into the air and back to the starting position.