NYCFC Move! | Episode 2

We're back with another episode of NYCFC Move! This week, New York City Football Club Performance Coach Jake Roswell is joined by Taty Castellanos to show you some exercises you can do at home to keep active just like the Boys in Blue are. 

Lateral Lunge

Lateral lunges work your glutes, quads, and hamstrings which are all essential to keep healthy as a soccer player. To do a lateral lunge, begin in a standing position and step laterally with one leg, keeping the opposite leg straight. Sit back into the lunge to activate the bent leg and use it push yourself back up.

Shoulder Tap Hold

This exercise builds stability and strength. Start in a push-up position and keep your legs wide for a strong base. Tap the opposite shoulder and hold for 15 seconds keeping the core tight.


Traditional pushups are beneficial for building upper body strength. This exercise can also strengthen the lower back and core. Put your hands shoulder width apart. Make sure your elbows are not too close or too far from the body. Keep a controlled motion going up and down.

We'll have more exercises from the Boys in Blue coming soon with another edition of NYCFC Move! In the meantime, show us how you're staying healthy and staying home by giving these exercises a go, or share your own workout routine with us on social media with #NYCFCMove.