NYCFC Move! | Episode 1

In this new NYCFC Move! series aimed to keep you active and healthy home, New York City Football Club Performance Coach Jake Roswell will be showing you some exercises you can do to maintain fitness just like the Boys in Blue are. Each week we’ll bring you new exercises you can try at home, with Jake and NYCFC players showing you the way. 

Shoulder Taps – 3 sets of 10 reps

It’s important to get athletes to stabilize while resisting rotation so the first exercise will be shoulder taps, an anti-rotation exercise. Begin at the top of a push-up position, with your legs a little wider apart for support. From there, one hand is raised to tap its opposing shoulder. A tap with each hand to each opposing shoulder equals one rep.

Split Squat - 3 sets of 10 reps

When a soccer player goes in for tackle, they can usually look like they are in a lunge position to try and get the ball. We’re trying to mimic that while creating strength within those positions by doing split squats. Begin in a standing position and take a long step forwards as if performing a lunge. The heel of your back foot should be raised. Keep your torso straight with your hands on your chest. Lower slowly until your back knee almost touches the floor, then push back up.

Glute Bridge with a walkout – 3 sets of 10 reps

Glute bridges with a walkout help contribute to hamstring health which is a big part of keeping our players fit on the pitch. To perform a glute bridge with a walkout, lie on your back on the floor and bend your knees so your feet rest on the floor close to your butt. Raise your hips into the air and from there, walk your feet out in a V shape, taking small steps with your heels forward. Be sure to keeps your hips high. Continue until your legs are extended and then walk them back in to complete one rep.

We'll have more exercises from the Boys in Blue coming your way next week with NYCFC Move! In the meantime, show us how you're staying healthy and staying home by giving these exercises a go, or even our own workout routine and share with us on social media with #NYCFCMove.