CITC Celebrates International Women's History Month

CITC Celebrates Women's History Month

City In The Community has long since been a staple in the soccer community of New York City. With March being Women’s History Month, CITC wanted to continually honor women who are involved in the sport, either through NYCFC, Manchester City or on the New York and Major League Soccer scene.

CITC kicked off the month with an episode of their Soccer Bloc podcast, featuring hosts of The Call Up, Jillian Sakovits and Susannah Collins. Where they discussed being women in the broadcast business and provided moments of inspiration for future broadcasters.


CITC profiled the women of the New York City Football Club Front Office:


‪“It’s very important to have more women coaches in and out of the community. Many people aren’t told that they could achieve and strive for certain things. And if you can’t see an example of it then they might never know it’s attainable.‬ • ‪As a young girl I was playing when Briana Scurry was the goalkeeper for the USWNT, around the same time the team won the 1999 world cup. She’s an African American Woman who was at the top of her game. She broke boundaries, was a leader, strong, loud, a force to be reckoned with.‬ • Women coaches set standards and raise the bar for young girls every day. “ -Brandi Daniels Community Relations Specialist at NYCFC #WomensHistoryMonth‬

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The group also linked up with some professional players over in Manchester for some shine:


“It’s hugely important to enlighten the world about the issues we face as women in football as they get addressed, the game will become stronger for it. The job isn’t finished though and we have a duty as the players of today to help to continue to grow the game in anyway we can. • It has been a really exciting period to be involved in the women’s game over the course of the past few years and the opportunities that girls have nowadays when it comes to the game are unprecedented to when I was young. • I used to have to play with boys' teams and I received a lot of stick for doing so – in this day and age though, there are so many girls sides available to youngsters and the opportunities they have, especially here at Manchester City, are amazing. • The fact that I have an MBE still feel extremely surreal - I’m just a girl from Sunderland who fell in love with a game called football. I still feel like that six-year-old who just ran around kicking a ball, so to be stood here over 25 years on playing the game professionally, • With an MBE to my name is something I don’t think I could have expected in my wildest dreams. The one thing it does though is proves that the women’s game is growing rapidly and it’s an incredibly exciting time to be involved in it. • I’d like to think that my MBE can be an acceptance on behalf of all of women’s football, for sure, and to follow in the footsteps of players like Faye White, Fara Williams and Steph Houghton who also have MBEs is an absolute honour.” -@JillScottJS8, Midfielder, Manchester City and England International #WomensHistoryMonth

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I think it's extremely important that everybody plays their part in supporting all young women in deprived communities, using football as a tool. At Manchester City, our Cityzens Giving campaign is about Girls Empowerment supporting young girls in the Manchester area. • While playing in North America, the support I got from the Vancouver Whitecaps/USF was the ability to play football every day and to feel like a professional. I wanted to push myself, so going to America to get my degree and play at the same time was amazing. • Here in England, we've had so much support in recent years, but none more so than here at Manchester City. The club have adopted the Same City, Same Passion campaign, meaning that we are treated exactly the same way as our male counterparts in all aspects of life. • Being at a club which fully supports the growth of the women's game is incredible and I know that it will continue to build momentum in the coming years. The sponsorship of the FA Women's Super League by Barclays was also a huge thing, especially from the Premier League. • By uniting our leagues with the same sponsor, they are reiterating the fact that we're all here to play football regardless of our gender. They are also committed to helping grow grassroots football for girls. This is only the beginning to grow the women's game! - Demi Stokes, Defender, Manchester City and England International #womenshistorymonth

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CITC NY uses the power of soccer to promote health, education and leadership development and create safe community spaces, where programming is free of charge. CITC NY has received national recognition and has been selected twice as a finalist for ESPN’s Sports Humanitarian of the Year Award. In addition, NYCFC was named 2016 and 2019 MLS Community Relations Team of the Year and Young Leader Yasmine Sanchez was awarded the ESPN Billie Jean King Award.

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