New York City FC Fans Show Support for Cityzens Giving

New York City FC Fans Show Support for Cityzens Giving


The 2019/20 Cityzens Giving campaign closed in December with thousands of fans once again voting to decide how youth-led community soccer projects are funded in six cities around the world.

For the sixth consecutive year, we asked supporters to make a difference to communities across the globe, and we are thankful to every fan who participated. 

$500,000 was once again donated by City Football Group and its partners, to six community soccer projects run by young people for young people, with fans deciding how donations were split.

Brought together by the desire to positively impact the lives of young people in cities around the world, the entire City Football Group family – including players, partners and most importantly, City fans– pledged their support to Cityzens Giving by casting their vote for the cause that resonated with them.

We are excited to reveal that Mumbai’s Education project, supported by club partner Cisco, and Cape Coast’s Safe Water project, supported by club partner Xylem, were the most popular projects, each gaining 24% of the overall vote.  

Support of this year’s campaign will also help young leaders in four other cities – New York City, PhiladelphiaManchester and Melbourne – deliver their inspiring, community soccer programs, which are tackling challenging social issues and changing lives.

The 2019/20 campaign takes the total Cityzens Giving funding up to more than $4m by the end of this season, now supporting initiatives in a total of 21 cities around the world.  

This would not be possible without the outstanding efforts of our fans, and we would like to thank everyone again who participated for their support.