Gary make it here

Why I'm NYC | Gary Santana

New York City FC’s quest to Make It Here commences tomorrow in Queens. As the Boys in Blue battle it out against Toronto FC, it’ll be the 12th man that makes this home field a true advantage. Today’s Why I’m NYC features a day one fan, Gary Santana. 

NYCFC Origin Story

“I’ve been a fan since day one. When I heard the club was coming to New York I was all in.”

Favorite Game

“The moment that kept me coming back was David Villa’s hat trick against the Red Bulls.”  

Season 5

“As far as this season goes, my favorite moment hasn’t happened yet because it will be when we lift the cup.”

Make It Here

“After finishing on top, I’m expecting the team to win the cup.”

My Favorite Player

“I can’t pick a favorite player because there are too many, but right now I’m leaning towards Taty. “