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Why I'm NYC | Kat Hemming

New York City FC’s first playoff game is right on the horizon. Luckily for the Boys in Blue, being the top seed, they will have the pleasure of hosting the match at home.

Which means we’ll have our secret weapon, the 12th man, being loud and proud to show their support for NYCFC. To honor the fans, we’re rolling out this weeks ‘Why I’m NYC’ featuring Kat Hemming.

“I’ve been here since year one, and from day one I was all in,” Hemming told NYCFC.com. 

“I started liking the team before I even moved here so being an NYCFC fan made this city feel like home to me and I sort of found my place with the team.” 

“My favorite moment from this season has to be the Red Bulls game at home.” 

“I don’t want to jinx it or anything…” she said when asked about her playoff hopes. 

“But let’s just say I’m saving up money for possible traveling - though I won’t say where it may be.”

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