CITYZENS GIVING | HIV Prevention in Kilifi



Kenya has the joint fourth-largest HIV epidemic in the world and adolescent girls and young women account for up to 21% of all new HIV infection.

Through the Moving the Goalposts project, Tibu and other Young Leaders are integrating HIV education into weekly football sessions to help create a safe and supportive space for girls and young women to discuss sensitive issues.

As a result, the girls will have a better understanding of how to reduce HIV infections, challenge important gender stereotypes in the community.

The Young Leaders also provide a valuable support network where they develop caring relationships, as well as important knowledge and skills.  

 “It is very difficult for women here. We are not always allowed to go and play,” says Tibu, 18

“But it is football that brings every girl together.

“The project aims to create awareness of HIV information and it does this through football.

“We train young coaches and they go back and deliver the HIV message.

“There are some issues they cannot discuss with their parents, so the knowledge that they get really helps them, their families and the community.”

This project is delivered in partnership with Moving the Goalposts Kilifi and Tackle Africa.