Kicking and Screening x NYCFC

Kicking + Screening Supports #SoccerDay in NYC

Soccer Day hits New York City today and cinephiles can now rejoice.

Kicking + Screening Media Group, dedicated to bringing soccer films to soccer fans, has come onboard to extend a very special offer to NYCFC fans to celebrate the launch of 10 new New York City Soccer Initiative mini-pitches across the Five Boroughs.

For one week only, K+S is offering a generous helping of free streams for three incredible soccer documentaries, which showcase three different sides of the beautiful game: After the Cup Anderson Monarchs and Soka Afrika.

All this week — from Monday, Oct. 15, at 9AM, until Friday, Oct. 19, at midnight — the K+S Media Group is providing NYCFC fans a limited number of free rentals for three great soccer films. The films are:

  • After the Cup | LINK
  • The Anderson Monarchs | LINK
  • Soka Afrika | LINK

Here’s how to redeem the K+S film coupons:

  • Click the link for the film you’d like to watch.
  • Enter your email address. Confirm your email address.
  • Click the Redeem Now button. 
  • Watch the film!

The K+S Media Group is offering the free rentals on a first-come, first-served basis. But even if you miss out on the free streams, you can still watch the films for a discounted price all this week ($0.99), up to mightnight on Friday, Oct. 19.

Anderson Monarchs

76 mins | English | Directed by Eugene Martin

The Anderson Monarchs tells the story of an all-girls soccer team in an at-risk urban neighborhood in Philadelphia. Focused on two girls, Jlon, age 11, and Kahlaa, age 10, the documentary follows the girls’ growth as soccer players and people, celebrating the rights of young women and the community they are building for themselves as talented athletes, emerging scholars and leaders. Their remarkable story brings them to a place they only ever imagined in their dreams.

Soka Afrika

73 mins | English | Directed by Suridh Hassan

For many young soccer players in Africa, signing with a club in Europe is not a dream, but the only dream. It is a hard dream to realize, with countless pitfalls, from unscrupulous agents to injuries, broken promises to family shame. This documentary explores the good, the bad, and the ugly of soccer immigration from Africa to Europe, as seen through the journeys of two young players, Kermit Erasmus from South Africa and Ndomo Sabo from Cameroon.

After the Cup: Sons of Sakhnin United

84 mins | English subtitles | Directed by Alexander H. Browne + Christopher Browne

Amid the centuries-old strife that tears the Middle East asunder, can soccer provide a unique ray of hope?

Sakhnin, a small Arab-dominant town in northern Israel, is home to B'nei Sakhnin, a club comprised of both Arab and Jewish players. One season, it all clicks, and despite the traditional ethnic animosities, the club breaks through to win the Israeli Cup. All eyes are suddenly on Sakhnin, the club, and its Arab star, Abbas Suan, who is called up to the Israeli national team. This is the story of what happens when a feel-good story and an unlikely hero are thrust under a microscope and forced to live up to expectations that go well beyond the field of play.

About Kicking + Screening Media Group

Kicking + Screening Media Group is the world’s first company dedicated to the promotion and distribution of soccer films. We partner with great filmmakers from around the world to bring the best movies about soccer –from documentaries to biopics, features to shorts—to audiences.

Films in our catalogue are available to stream on the K+S Media Group channel, as well as through targeted VOD platforms, linear TV, and theatrical screenings, among other outlets. 

The K+S Media Group team brings together 25 years of experience in worldwide film distribution; 22 years in soccer media; and a combined 30 years in marketing, branding, business development and finance.


About Soccer Day – 10/15

To celebrate the opening of the next 10 New York City Soccer Initiative mini-soccer pitches, New York City FC (NYCFC) and partners (the Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC, the U.S. Soccer Foundation, adidas and Etihad Airways) will be hosting an unprecedented ‘Soccer Day’ throughout the five boroughs of New York City on Monday, October 15.

Launched in 2016, New York City Soccer Initiative is a first-of-its-kind $3 million public-private partnership to build and maintain 50 soccer pitches in underserved NYC neighborhoods in just five years, and provide free programming for New York City School children, focused on healthy, active living, and mentorship.

On October 15, the New York City Soccer Initiative partners will proudly open the next group of 10 brand new soccer pitches (outlined below); 20 total pitches will be in use by the end of 2018.


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