Trending: So, A Dog And A President Walk On To A Pitch

After a busy week, we are back with another installment of Trending. We’ve got great content from a father and son combination, an interesting game of Muy Thai Volleyball, and star-power from celebs and World leaders. So, let's get into it!

The Fresh Prince of Motherwell

Will Smith was meeting with a fan of the Scottish Premier League side Motherwell, to whom he provided a huge shout-out. 

A Grand Design

This father and son team have been working on this mini-replica of Celtic Park. Down to working floodlights. That’s attention to detail that we can appreciate. 

The Beautiful Game


Aquele Futvôlei de domingo em Myanmar. Muay Thai com bola!

A post shared by Rafael Cordeiro (@kings_mma) on

Brazilian Muy Thai coach Rafael Cordeiro shared this awesome post of some incredibly athletic people doing some incredibly athletic stuff. Maybe we can get a round of this going at the CFA next week! 

He’s Still Got It

Liberian President and Soccer God George Weah found himself putting on his boots and playing 79 minutes in a friendly for his country against Nigeria. Ball is life. 

Man(agers) Best Friend

Shout out to Tesapara the Dog. Paraguayan club Club Sportivo 2 de Mayo have an unofficial mascot/manager after Tesapara showed up to the team facility one day and never left. The club have what they call a guardian angel, and it’s one of the better stories we’ve seen as of late.

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