Landtek Radiant Heating CFA

LandTek Radiant Heating at City Football Academy

Etihad City Football Academy in New York has been providing NYCFC players and personnel the best training and preparation possible since it opened for the 2018 season.

LandTek, the Official Pitch Supplier of NYCFC, installed the most technologically advanced pitch available today, including a radiant heating system consisting of approximately 200,000 feet of piping 10” below the playing surface. The radiant heating allows year-round play, even in the cold winter temperatures of the Northeast.

The heating system has provided a top-notch field on which NYCFC players practice in order for the team to stay fit and competitive throughout the year. Being able to practice every day on a world-class training pitch with innovative technology prepares the players to perform at their best.

Previously, the team did not utilize this new technology in its old training facility, but the change has had a positive impact on the players and team officials. “There was no undersoil heating system installed at NYCFC’s previous facility due to the temporary arrangement the club had with that location”, said John Sulinski, Chief Operating Officer of LandTek. “The added use of an undersoil heating system aids in turf management."

The radiant heating system at Etihad City Football Academy is similar to systems used in other premiere professional training facilities and stadiums. “The undersoil heating system will assist the LandTek/NYCFC grounds manager in preparing the pitch for maximum playability,” said Sulinski.  “The system was designed to provide years of beneficial use to promote healthy turfgrass.  Healthy turf can rebound quicker from extreme use, providing minimal downtime and a more consistent playing surface.”

Founded in 1979, The LandTek Group, Inc. is a specialized self-performing general contractor specializing in the design, construction, and maintenance of athletic facilities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.