Hair Madness Final Round

Hair Madness: Final Round

We have finally reached the final round of Hair Madness, there has been a lot of debate, but we are finally down to our championship round. Let’s see how we got here…

The No. 1 overall seed, The Maestro, Andrea Pirlo, defeated Mikey Lopez in the first round and then faced a tough matchup against the No. 4 seed,  Mix Diskerud. Many believed Mix should have been a higher seed, but that did not stop Pirlo from winning 74% of the vote in the semifinals and advancing to the finals.

Pirlo matches up against the No. 7 seed El Guaje, Captain David Villa. Villa scored a major upset in the first round when he took down No. 2 seed Khiry Shelton. Villa then matched-up against the six-seed, Josh Saunders. It was a battle of underdogs, that eventually saw Villa winning a dominant 87% of the vote and moving on to the finals to face off against The Maestro in the finals

The final matchup is set and now we need you to decide. Cast your votes below now! The final round of voting ends on Saturday April 2 at Noon ET.