New York City FC at Orlando City SC: Match Preview


New York City FC will face Orlando City SC for the third time this season, having drawn and won the previous match-ups. 


New York City FC hopes to best their fellow expansion team in their final meeting of the season. Orlando City expects another record crowd at The Orlando Citrus Bowl. 

"We know we’re going to have to weather a bit of a storm. They’re going to have a fantastic crowd, I’m sure of it. They’re going to put a lot of energy into the game,” said Head Coach Jason Kreis. "They need all three points, so I would think we’re going to have to expect them to come out flying at the beginning of the match and if things are still hanging in the balance towards the end, then I’m sure we’re going to get everything thrown at us.”

Midfielder Frank Lampard said, "We’ve watched Orlando before, we know they've still got something to play for, we have to assert ourselves. If we do that, I believe we can win the game.”






New York City FC understands the importance of finishing the season strong. "We have to take our issues on, we have to finish well for the sake of ourselves, personally, and for the sake of the people that’ll be watching the game and supporting us,” said Lampard "I believe that when we’re at our best we can beat any team in the league. We need to take it on its merit as that.”




Kreis added, "It’s an interesting scenario because now we don’t play for points or a possibility to make the playoffs. We play for pride and self-respect and we play for our fans.” 




























Lampard has scored three goals in four games and hopes to extend his goal scoring form. 
































The match will take place at The Orlando Citrus Bowl. Kickoff is 7 p.m. ET (Unimas, WADO).