New York City Soccer Initiative -
New York City Soccer Initiative -

Launched in 2016, NYCSI is a first-of-its-kind $3 million public-private partnership between the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, NYCFC, the U.S. Soccer Foundation, adidas, and Etihad Airways to create and maintain 50 mini-pitches across the City and expand free soccer programming to the next generation of New Yorkers. 

These new soccer fields will be essential in keeping our young New Yorkers safe, active and connected with the community. With this partnership, we are tackling inequality in all its forms – including those in our parks and outdoor spaces.

November 10, 2021 marked the completion of 50 mini-pitches installed across all five boroughs in just five years. These sites include:

Irwin Altman Middle School 172, Queens
Frederick Johnson Playground, Manhattan
P.S. 083 Luis Munoz Rivera, Manhattan
I.S.49 Berta A. Dreyfus, Staten Island
P.S. 093 Albert G. Oliver, Bronx
P.S. 019 Marino Jeantet, Queens
P.S. 184 Shuang Wen, Manhattan
P.S.335 Granville T. Woods, Brooklyn
Triboro Bridge Playground, Queens
P.S. 66, Brooklyn
M.S. 45/P.S. 46 Edgar Allen Poe, Bronx
P.S. X010/I.S. 584, Bronx
I.S. 384/P.S. 053, Brooklyn
Playground 62/P.S. 220, Queens
I.S. 72, Staten Island
I.S. 72, Staten Island 2nd Pitch
P.S. 180 Hugo Newman, Manhattan
P.S. 446, Brooklyn
Castle Hill M.S., Bronx
JHS 123 James M. Kieran, Bronx
Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Fountain of the Planets, Queens
Moore Playground, Manhattan
Equity Playground, Queens
P.S. 150, Brooklyn
P.S. 142, Manhattan
J Hood Wright Park, Manhattan
Neptune Playground, Brooklyn
Century Playground/P.S. 100, Brooklyn
People's Park, Bronx
P.S. 42, Staten Island
Utopia Playground, Queens
P.S. 007, Manhattan
Pomonok Playground, Queens
P.S. 60, Staten Island
Fresh Meadows Playground, Queens
P.S. 18, Staten Island
IS 117 Joseph H Wade, Tremont, Bronx
Agnes Heywood Playground
Louis Moser Playground
Bayside Playground/Scholars Academy
PS 001 Courtlandt School
Col. Charles Young Playground
PS 184 Shuang Wen
Peter Minuit Playground/PSMS 108
PS 186 Dr. Irving A Gladstone
PS 57 Hubert Humphrey
PS 187 Hudson Cliffs
Vleigh Playground/PS 165
PS 36 J.C. Drumgoole
Wald Playground/PS 188 The Island School

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Frequently Asked Questions

How were the sites chosen?

New York City FC, along with the Mayor’s Fund, funding partners, City agencies and with community input, will be selecting field locations in historically under-invested and under-resourced communities. Specific areas of focus consist of neighborhoods included in the Mayor’s Building Healthy Communities Initiative, Mayor’s Action Plan for Neighborhood Safety, the Parks Department’s Community Parks Initiative, or the Young Men’s Initiative. Additionally, specific site selection will be based on considerations of the physical space, environment, geographic distribution and parity, proximity to potential programming partners and existing site conditions.

Who is building the soccer fields?

The U.S. Soccer Foundation will design and construct all 50 mini-soccer fields. Depending on the initial conditions of the site, construction is anticipated to take between 4-8 weeks per field.

What is the overall budget?

Over the next five years, the Mayor’s Fund will raise and collect $3 million from the funding partners to invest in the construction and maintenance of the 50 mini-soccer fields across the five boroughs. Each funding partner will provide a capital investment of $750,000 over five years.

When will the fields be available for play?

All fields are now open for play.

What does a new field consist of?

Each mini-soccer field is a hard court, soccer-specific play space. Each field will be approximately 7,200 square feet in size, with an acrylic overlay surface similar to those utilized for basketball and tennis courts. The mini-soccer field will also include a pair of permanent goals secured into the surface with tamper-proof anchors, as well as fencing to ensure safety of those using the mini-soccer field.

What programs will be offered and how many children will be served?

All 50 acrylic mini-soccer fields will be open and accessible to the surrounding community for soccer-related programming. In addition to local programming, the New York City Soccer Initiative will utilize the U.S. Soccer Foundation’s Soccer for Success afterschool program, which provides children in underserved areas across the nation with structured physical activity, nutrition education and mentoring by trained coaches-mentors. The U.S. Soccer Foundation, a recipient of an award from the Social Innovation Fund in 2011, has witnessed tremendous social, emotional and health improvements in the lives of Soccer for Success participants. An independent evaluation found that participants showed greater Body Mass Index (BMI) improvement and greater aerobic capacity improvement. Other findings revealed that participants showed increased nutritional awareness and choices and improved leadership skills. Approximately 10,000 youth will have access to soccer-related programs over the next five years.