Villalba weekend

Howdy gang, and welcome back to The Weekend. MLS is finally back and that means this column is, too. Luckily, there was no shortage of action in Week 20 of the season, so we've got plenty of fun stuff to catch you up on. Ready? Go!

Oh Nooooooo of the Week

Ok, this looks like it might be a chance that absolutely NEEDS to end up in the back of the net...

However, as you can see, it did not. 

But hey, everyone needs a little bit of time to shake off the rust after such a long international break. We're confident Joevin will get back to the scoresheet. He's already got himself nine assists, and if Seattle keep their recent goal scoring form up, he'll have the chance to snag a few more. 

Tifo of the Week

BC Place had the honor of hosting this clean, clean, clean tifo courtesy of the Southsiders, a Vancouver Whitecaps supporters' group.

The folks up there are taking their game to new heights, for sure. Well done. 

Meme of the Week


The freakin' printer didn't work!

For the full context behind this beauty—and an impassion press conference courtesy of Real Salt Lake Head Coach Mike Petke—head here

Exhale of the Week

Ultimate relief came this weekend for the Houston Dynamo, who finally chalked up a W in their away wins column. In 2016, the Portland Timbers didn't win a single match on the road, so don't underestimate just how big this could be for Houston's season.

Grinding out victories on the road is tough. To do it without your three star attackers? Hats off to ya. 

Sweet Relief of the Week

Cristian Colman was supposed to be the center forward of FC Dallas' dreams, and when he arrived this past offseason, expectations were sky high. It hasn't quite worked out this season, and up until Saturday night, the Paraguayan had yet to score a goal for Dallas. 

Then he went ahead and scored a brace. 

 Imagine how good he felt? 

"I'm happy with the two goals, of course I would be happier with three goals, but that's what it is," Colman said. "I'm going to keep working and working and working the whole week so I can continue to produce."

Step 1: Score a goal. Step 2: Score a hattrick.

What a hit, son! of the Week

Atlanta United's Hector Villalba did this on Friday night, and it was extremely good and cool.

Wow. Just... wow. Connecting with a ball that sweetly is one of the most beautiful things in the beautiful game. This howitzer of a game-winner wasn't a bad way to capitalize on the bantz, either:

Cupset! of the Week

This week's biggest upset didn't even happen in MLS, but it was awesome. Jamaica took down Mexico to reach their second straight Gold Cup final, and they have Kemar Lawrence to thank for booking their trip to San Fransisco:

You can feel the suspense building in a tense, tense semifinal just by watching that highlight package... how about that for a payoff?

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