#Villa400: In Quotes

#Villa400 In quotes

David Villa milestones are basically a monthly occurrence – and last evening was another big one as he joined the 400 club in front of the home fans. Check all the key quotes from the locker room after the match:

Patrick Vieira on #Villa400

“I think it’s a fantastic achievement. On the personal side, I think that he’s just a fantastic player. You guys are just seeing what he’s doing on the field here, but I have a chance to work with him every day and I’m always amazed by his attitude and his desire to compete every single day and train. His goals reflect who he is as a person and he’s like that every day in training. When you see him work every day, you’re not surprised that he’s scored over 400 goals. I think we’re lucky to have a player like that in our football club, not just for what he’s done on the field but to use as an example. I think it would be really difficult to find someone better who can show to the young players how to conduct yourself to play more than 15 years at the higher level and to compete at his age, so he’s a really good tool for me to use regarding how to conduct yourself as a professional.”

On whether there are specific things Villa does that he’s pointed out to the younger players:

“I think it’s just about the talent all the players have, but it’s about understanding how you conduct yourself as a professional. David would be early in the training ground. He will do his exercise before going to the field. He will finish training. He will do what he needs to do before going home. He’s eating well. He’s doing what he needs to prepare himself. I think if the majority of the players understand that, I will be very happy.”

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David Villa on #Villa400

“Perfect moment, first of all it was great for the team to come back after a big mistake we made in Portland. It’s important for the mentality of the team to come back as quickly as possible. We felt that on Thursday when we came back to the training facility, we made a big mistake that we need to forget quickly. I think it was the first time we beat Dallas, tough game against a great team. First of all, I’m happy to get the 3 points, then to arrive at 400 and 401 it is a great day for me. Now for me, it is time to rest and think of how I can score number 402 for the team.”

On his age and how goal number 401 proves he is still hungry…

“I don’t know how to play any other way, I always play that way. Obviously, when you get older it gets more difficult fighting in the same way. I know what has made me successful throughout my career, give everything and training every day. And with the passing time, I need to take care of my body more. I don’t care if I’m 36, 37 or 20, I need to work in the same way that has made me successful.”

On his favorite goal throughout his career…

“The big one has to be in the Champions League against Manchester United with Barcelona in the Final. This was the best, but I hope the best is coming. Why not give the silverware to NYCFC this year? 

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