Vieira: The Reaction Has Been Positive

In Patrick's Words vs LAFC

Patrick Vieira spared one final reflection on last weekend’s Hudson River Disaster…

The Head Coach said, “I think when you look at the game again and you analyze the reasons why we lost the game you can put a finger on something specific, but overall we didn’t turn up we didn’t play at the level we know we can. You have to give the Red Bulls the credit, they make it really difficult for us, but what’s important for us is that if we want to do well in this league we need to be ready mentally because every game that we are going to play will be tough and really difficult.”

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So is the way of Major League Soccer, something all experienced managers and fans can speak to.

Yet effort must come first at any level.

Vieira said, “We didn’t challenge them enough, we didn’t work well as a team and I think on the field we were at times indiscipline and we make it really difficult for the player who was in possession of the ball”

What’s the message after such a brutal loss? Don’t get ahead of ourselves…

The former French World Cup winner said, “The message is that we played few games this year and of course the last one we didn’t turn up we didn’t show our real team spirit and team quality, it is just a game but at the same time it’s important for us to understand why and keep working.”

It’s undeniable that NYCFC has been adept at bouncing back in their time under Vieira. In line with that, the reaction has been positive from the players.

Vieira said, “Honestly the reaction that I had from the players the last couple days in training has been positive and we just need to keep working and trying to improve ourselves every day.”

Full focus turns to LA.

Vieira said, “I think when you play against a team like LAFC you are really really excited first of all and you are going to play against a good team with some really good individual players but I think it’s going to be a different test, a tough one for us and it’s going to be important for us to prepare our week well so we can go over there and give our best.”

Here we go…

Vieira: The Reaction Has Been Positive -