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Schweinsteiger to MLS

We kick off this installment of Trending with the move everyone is talking about… German World Cup winner Bastian Schweinsteiger has joined Chicago Fire from Manchester United.

Life of a Pro

This is a terrific YouTube channel which is well worth checking out if you haven’t seen it.

Matt Sheldon is a professional soccer player with St Louis FC in USL and he’s created an awesome channel where he walks through every touch of his performances in his games, explaining why he took the decisions he came to on the field.

A great resource for any aspiring player.

Brazilian Bicycles

Question: What’s better than a goal scored via a bicycle kick?

Answer: A goal scored via two bicycle kicks.


Sounders Strike

Hats off to the MLS Cup champions, this was probably the best goal scored in the league last weekend – a brilliant team move which was capped off with this header by Jordan Morris.

Mbappe Roulette

Kylian Mbappe is one of the hottest young prospects in Europe right now.

The Monaco teenager, who has netted 12 goals in 22 games this year, produced this outrageous piece of skill then burned the defender for pace last week. InsertFlame Emoji Here.

Hudson River Blue Soccer Specific Scavenger Hunt

This is a funny feature on Hudson River Blue which has amused us in the NYCFC front office.

Every home game, fans are challenged to gather a series of photos from in and around Yankee Stadium and this week’s roundup featured the below beauty.

Crossing NYCFC with chicken buckets and Street Fighter is pretty much a guaranteed home run as far as we see it…

Trending: Schweinsteiger to MLS & Scavenger Hunt -
Trending: Schweinsteiger to MLS & Scavenger Hunt -