Trending: Mascots and The Environment

The summer is still in full swing and as the offseason in Europe dwindles down, we find players joining new squads, new kits being unveiled, and as you’ll see below, new mascots taking the pitch.

Mascot SZN

Nottingham Forest FC brings back a familiar face at mascot, featuring a local hero that you may or may not have heard about.

...and then there’s West Brom. Who have made an interesting choice about who they want to represent them in the stands.

Welcome To The Club

With new signings come new opportunities for embarrassment. We wonder if Gigi Buffon ever thought he’d be singing on a table in front of his friends at this point in his career..

Super Green

Forest Green Rovers are already known for being the world's first and only all-vegan club. Now, the English League Two side is being recognized for its effort to reduce its carbon footprint.

Keeping the environment in mind, Real Madrid partnered with adidas to create a brand new third kit that features the German sportswear's Parley for the Oceans collaboration. 

Similar to our collaboration, the shirts are created from plastics found and recycled in our oceans, and take on a coral tone in line with the ecosystem we need to protect. 

Clone Wars

They say everyone has a twin, and in Andres Iniesta's case, it worked well for his debut at FC Tokyo. Maybe they'll use him on the pitch, too..

Check back in with us next week for more off the beaten path news next week! 

Trending: Mascots and The Environment -