After scoring twice in Nottingham Forest's 4-2 victory over Arsenal on Sunday, Eric Lichaj revealed his wife had promised him a dog if he scored a hat-trick this season. Falling just a goal short, Lichaj took to Twitter for some extra support and the internet rallied behind him…

And it looks like the efforts from fans and teammates across the Twitter world have paid off because now #EricHasADog!

Best Seat In The House

Don't mind Marius Șumudică, just getting comfortable...

Our kind of subway entertainment

I think all of us here in New York City can agree that our commute would be much more enjoyable if we shared the train with football freestyler, Liv Cooke.

Double The Caps

Joe Hart landed more than one cap during Saturday's FA Cup third-round clash at Shrewsbury. When the sun was blocking the goalkeeper's eyes, one West Ham fan came to the rescue.

Insane Swaz & Curve

The KickerBall by Swerve Ball alleges that the design can bend, swerve, and curve the ball twice as much as a regular ball. Well, these freestylers took these claims to the test. Check it out!