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Although New York City FC fell to the New England Revolution, the Boys in Blue still clinched the top seed in the Eastern Conference and a CONCACAF Champions League berth. Read what Doménec Torrent and the team had to say about their outing. 

Doménec Torrent 

On the match overall…

“I think we played well. We deserved goals in the first half to score I don’t know, maybe two goals. But you know what happened, like so many times in soccer, if you are unable to score goals, the soccer [will] punish you. That happened for me in that game. I’m not angry with my players, because the better men won for me. They fight every single ball, they win the duels, and they created opportunities. We make two mistakes and they score two goals.” 

Sean Johnson 

On emotions after tonight’s match…

“I think it’s a bit of a rollercoaster. Obviously, we’re a team of competitors. The result tonight here in New England was disappointing. Walking off the pitch, we were pretty upset with the result. In an important game we needed just a point and we came up a bit short. Then, obviously not knowing what happened in the other games and never being in the position where you have everything in your control, you don’t want to leave it up to another result or something out of your control. Free to become champions of the Eastern Conference, but once we got back in the locker room I think all the phones went on to the game and we were all just locked to the screen. We didn't know there was a weather delay as well. We stuck through it for about 30 minutes just watching the end of the Columbus game. Sometimes, you need a little bit of luck elsewhere, if you will. That result was great for us and we'll take it as a win. Eastern Conference champions and [Concacaf] Champions League as well is something to be happy about.” 

On how the performance of tonight’s game…

 “The game was a bit weird, honestly. At the end of the day, we needed a result. A win would have been great for them, a win would have been great for us, but a draw would have put us both in a decent spot. We set up to win. The game was a little back and forth. They had one quality chance in the first half. We had a few quality chances in the second half and it just kind of one of those nights that might end up scoreless or 1-1, but they scored that first goal then they scored later on. It was just a bit of a weird game. We’re competitors and having nine unbeaten coming into this game, I think we were just in the mindset of being able to take care of business and we came up a bit short, but that’s the game of football sometimes. We’ll look at the performance, reflect on it, we’ll enjoy the moment.” 

Sebastien Ibeagha

On his emotions after tonight’s loss…

“We obviously came off of the field pissed off, you know; like you said, a missed opportunity, a missed chance, and just take it for ourselves and keep it going. But, you know, we came in here, started watching the [other] games. 0-0 at the time in the 55th, and we just kind of watched it the whole time. Columbus scored, we were like, ‘okay, this could actually happen.’ Then, they scored another one, and we were all really ecstatic and they could hold that until the end of the game.” 

On receiving help in clinching the Eastern Conference: 

 “A little disappointed not to just do it ourselves and get the three points here. I mean, the goal was still the same no matter how we get it.” 

On the delayed celebration…

 “We still lost. You never want to lose. I think that kind of was hanging over it. Then, when you realize you just clinched the first spot in the eastern conference, it’s something to celebrate no matter how it happened.” 

On how they found their way throughout the season…

 “I think the culture was something Doménec [Torrent] was trying to bring in last year. I just personally thought he didn't have enough time. I think he came in halfway through the season, there was already a previous culture that was kind of set already, and this year he kind of got to come in with a blank slate. I think it’s big, the culture he has preached in the locker room has been great and you see guys performing under him.” 

On how they came about finishing first…

 “[In] preseason we always talk about the goals as a team. Our goal was to get a better seeding going into the playoffs and that was one thing. Obviously, you have that and the MLS Cup, Supporter’s Shield. So, I think it’s kind of been a goal of ours since the beginning. Kind of wavered a bit through the first games as we struggled. But, I think, as a team, we always knew what we were capable of and what we still are capable of.”

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