Okoli: It's Been a Great Start

Okoli v Johnson

Sean Okoli’s finishing prowess has been there for all to see in the opening days of preseason.

NYCFC’s newest striker was named USL MVP and claimed the Golden Boot at FC Cincinnati in 2016 and he’s now eager to take the step up to MLS.

The 23-year old, known as “Ugo” to his friends and now his teammates, looks to have settled straight in on the team’s training camp in Jacksonville.

Helped on by Khiry Shelton, who Sean played with previously at US U-20 level in 2012, Okoli has ingratiated himself into the squad structure quickly under the watchful gaze of Head Coach Patrick Vieira.

Okoli is thankful to his new colleagues for the warm welcome they’ve extended and is focused on adapting to the intricacies of Vieira’s system.

“It’s been really good so far,” Okoli told, “The guys have been really great bringing me in and the coaching staff have been nice as well – it’s been a great start.

“Especially at this stage of preseason, you’re always working on fitness but I’ve also been learning the tactics the team play with through the season – I’m just trying to get on the same page and keep growing.

“I knew a couple of guys coming in but now I’ve met everyone and they all seem very friendly. During preseason you really get to know each other so I’m really looking forward to continuing that and growing.”

Sean remains grateful to staff and teammates at his former club in Ohio, crediting them with helping him to improve and take great strides in his young career.

Now he’s at NYCFC, he’s hoping to carry forward the lessons learned so far and add new elements to his game in his new surrounds.

Okoli added: “It’s just good to be in this environment with these players – I had a great time in Cincinnati with great people and now I’m just excited as ever.

“I’ve been learning this stuff ever since I was 15, 16 so it’s just about applying it at a higher level and with this group of guys. I think I’ve been training at a good level so I’m looking forward to keeping going with that.”