NYCFC Oscars 2017: Johansen's Favorite Movie

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The 89th Academy Awards take place at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 26.

To celebrate, we’ve asked a number of NYCFC stars for their favorite movies of all-time.

Eirik Johansen is our next contributor, following in the footsteps of Andrea Pirlo (The Hangover), Sean Johnson (Man on Fire),Maxime Chanot (Cinderella Man), Andre Rawls (Iron Man) and John Stertzer (The Dark Knight).

Popcorn at the ready!

Eirik said…

“I’m going to go for Avatar – it was the first 3D movie I watched and it blew my mind at the time.”

Our Norwegian stopper goes for James Cameron’s box office behemoth, Avatar.

This 2009 sci-fi epic was a movie 15 years in the making, having being first developed in 1994 when Cameron penned an 80-page treatment for the film.

It proved to be worth the long wait for movie-goers the world over as it went on to take 2.78Bn at the global box office, usurping Titanic to become the all-time highest grossing film of all-time.

Starring Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver, Avatar is tale of a paraplegic marine’s mission on the moon Pandora and the moral quandary he finds himself in when he becomes caught between his orders and protecting this new world.

Utilizing revolutionary CGI, Avatar proved to be a hit with audiences and critics alike – so much so that it currently has three sequels in the works which are set to be released in 2018, 2020 and 2022.

Join us tomorrow for our final instalment of the NYCFC Oscars where we’ll be finding out RJ Allen’s Favorite Movie of all-time. 

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