Claudio Reyna

New York City FC's Patrick Vieira Introduced to the Media as Head Coach

New York City FC head coach Patrick Vieira was introduced to the New York City press today as he joined Sporting Director Claudio Reyna for a press conference at Yankee Stadium in advance of the 2016  training camp which begins later this week in Florida. It was the first opportunity Vieira, who officially joined the club at the beginning of the month, has had to meet with local media.
Vieira began with some welcoming remarks expressing his eagerness to get started saying  “We have a really exciting season ahead of us." 


Vieira told the media that he would rely on Reyna to help him through his first MLS season.
“I am not going to have anyone better then Claudio to help me and support during the season. I have been learning about the league. I spent time at the draft talking to coaches. I know what to expect and I will be ready for the beginning of the season.”
When Vieira was asked about why he choose New York City FC, he credits the people who are involved in the Club.
“Knowing the people of this football club, knowing the project of this football club, working with people that I trust and working on a project together had a massive impact on my decision.”

The media then asked Renya, why he chose Vieira as head coach, Reyna explained that Vieira was a leader who gets respect.
“I think it was important to have a great leader, someone who commands respect. We have that instantly with Patrick. He has the ability to communicate with big players who play at the highest levels and having a commitment to develop younger ones." 
Vieira spoke about the type of identity that New York City FC would have on the pitch next season.
“I like to see the team represent what the city is all about. New York is very lively. It’s full of energy. I would like my team to reflect New York City . New York has its own identity.”
Vieira told the media that even though it is a different league the game is the same.
“I think the game is still the game and you’re playing football. It is still 11 against 11 and the objective is to score goals and not concede goals.”