Media Roundup: Villa on 2017 & Maxi-Million

Media Roundup Maxi

Here we go…

NYCFC’s third MLS season is two days away and so it’s no surprise to find the team’s name in headlines the world over.

We kick off the first media roundup of the new campaign with a word from our captain, who gave an interview to the New York Post this week.

Speaking on the subject of his third year, and athletes from other sports, it’s an interesting Q&A conducted by Post reporter, Steve Serby.

Here are a few of the questions he answered…

On other athletes…

A: Stephen Curry, LeBron James. I don’t have an idol in American football because I don’t understand a lot, but Tom Brady is the most famous, here in New York, Odell Beckham.

On how long he wants to play…

A: I don’t know. Always in my career, I’m thinking about day by day. I am feeling good now. I’m healthy, so I want to keep playing. How long, I don’t know for sure. When I don’t have these feelings in my body, when I don’t have these feelings in my head, in my mind, no problem, I accept the rules of life and will stop playing. But I don’t know right now how long I want to play.

On MLS Cup hopes…

A: Of course. We hope, we hope, we try, of course. The objective is to do that. You need to start thinking about that you can do it. If not, it’s impossible.

I think we have better players on the roster. I think we are more ready for the coach’s (Patrick Vieira) second year.

You can read the full Q&A here.

Elsewhere, Maxi Moralez and Club President Jon Patricof were out in the city this week to celebrate our millionth fan, Ronald Gardner.

Maxi gave a number of interviews with reporters to mark the event, including a TV spot with NBC New York’s Bruce Beck.

You can read more about Maxi's first day in NYC here.

Also making news this week, Jack Harrison told Press Association Sport that he’s happy with his decision to quit Manchester United’s Academy six years ago to take up a scholarship at a school in Massachusetts.

It was a remarkable step that the youngster took but the 20-year old, who received his U.S Green Card this week, would recommend it to others in his shoes.

"Quite a few friends came out later too and pursued a similar path at colleges. It's hard to break through at home," Harrison said.

"I remember a lot of the kids I played with only thought about playing professionally -- they had a kind of tunnel vision. It was great they knew what they wanted but it was also a bit naive.”

Finally for today, the folks over at Hudson River Blue have undertaken some digging on one of NYCFC’s new boys, Kwame Awuah.

@RealFakeSamDunn has spoken to John Deeley, Kwame’s former college coach, to get the lowdown on the Canadian youth international.

Deeley said: “My initial impression of Kwame when I first saw him play for Sigma FC was that he played a lot bigger than he looked,”

"He had no trouble mixing it up with bigger guys, and that was a good sign considering how physical the college game can be.

“My guess is that Kwame has the best chance to solidify himself in the left back position. He is quite capable of playing multiple positions. as he did for us, but I think his most effective position is as an attacking left back.”

Media Roundup: Villa on 2017 & Maxi-Million -