Humans of NYCFC: Chelsea Marie Socias

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Every match day, our NYCFC supporters' groups make Yankee Stadium a fortress for the boys in blue. They're loud, they're relentless, and they know it takes 90 minutes of energy to help will our players over the finish line. 

One of the diehards who brings non-stop noise from the supporters' section is Chelsea Marie Socias, a drummer for Los Templados #12. 

This is her story...

Humans of NYCFC: Chelsea Marie Socias -

My Mom had a group of friends that brought three drums Into the stadium in the inaugural season. From there on, I slowly started to learn because of my Mom's friend, Nelson Caicedo. Going 90-mins straight is a hassle with all the blisters on my hands and bleeding from those blisters but it’s honestly the best feeling! Keeping the rhythm is hard at first but at the end of the day, it all comes together.

This season, people have been coming up to us in the stadium and saying, ‘Oh, Los Templados! You guys are the ones who make it loud!’ And we’re like, ‘Yeah that’s us!’

There’s a lot of coordination to make it that loud. We’ll be yelling from one end of the drum line to the other, asking what the next song is, how long we want to continue the one we’re playing, telling each other not to stop, whatever it takes. We try to coordinate with other supporters’ groups. One time, we actually went to Third Rail and combined with their drums, and it was really cool. That’s what it’s all about, working together as one big supporters' group.

Right now, Los Templados have about 60 members, but we’re also a part of New York City Supporters’ Club. Between all of the groups in NYCSC, there’s a lot of us. We’ve even got groups like English Blues, who actually are over in England! One of the members came over for a week, and he stayed for two games. It was a special occasion, so I let him play the drums but it was a one-time thing!

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