Funniest Moments: Five of the Best...

Jason Funniest Moments

Make no mistake, soccer is a serious game…

You only have to load up your Twitter news feed on gameday to know that the business of winning three points is no laughing matter.

However, every now and then, something happens out there on the field or at the training center which hits your funny bones hard.

Without any further ado, may we present five of the funniest moments of NYCFC’s 2016 season…

Proper English

Anyone who follows Frank and Jack on Instagram will know that these two aren’t lacking in the banter stakes.

This witty repartee was showcased to the world in August when we premiered “Proper English with Frank and Jack”.

Know your “chippie” from your “toodle pip”? You will after you’ve watched this hilarious video…

Learning Proper English with #NYCFC's Frank Lampard and

— New York City FC (@NYCFC) August 2, 2016

In-Net Seating

“For the first time ever in soccer history, you and a guest will be able to watch a match while being seated in the net!”

Remember when we took your matchday experience to the next level?

You’d be surprised at the number of people who took the bait on this April Fools’ Prank as we teased the opportunity for 56 fans to watch matches at the Yankee Stadium from the back of the net.

Our “inner-seating club” were promised the chance to “celebrate with NYCFC players after getting hit by their goal” and even ESPN FC fell for it!

That’s where the bar is at for April 1 2017, then…

Jason’s Pirlo Impression

Jason Hernandez proved that defending is only one string to his bow in preseason...

When the defender was challenged to produce an impersonation of his teammate Andrea Pirlo, he proved that the world of comedy’s loss was soccer’s gain, with this stony-faced tribute to Il Maestro.

It’s not easy to keep a straight face when the NYCFC cameras are rolling but Jason was up to the task.

Can you do an impression of anyone on the team?
Yep, I can do @Pirlo_official#20Questions:

— New York City FC (@NYCFC) March 23, 2016

Hair Madness!

In March, we gave you the chance to decide once and for all who had the best ‘doo at NYCFC.

Mix Diskerud, Tommy McNamara, Mikey Lopez, Khiry Shelton, Eirik Johansen and Josh Saunders all fell, meaning It came down to two of our DPs for the honor of saying they have the most luscious locks at the club.

With all due respect to David, but there could be only one…

A Titanic Strike

How do you make Ronald Matarrita’s first-ever NYCFC goal against Seattle Sounders even better? You add Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” as a soundtrack, of course.

Why, you may ask? Why not? We say…

.@MatarritaRonald's goal vs. Seattle is much better with Titanic music

— New York City FC (@NYCFC) June 30, 2016

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