New York City Football Club suffered a disappointing 2-1 defeat against Philadelphia Union.

Here are Five Points from a tough afternoon at Subaru Park.

Tinnerholm Returns

It took a while, but the return of Anton Tinnerholm on Sunday was a welcome one.

The defender’s quality was never in doubt, and it didn’t take him long to show it. The climax of his 45-minute appearance came in winning his side a penalty, and showed why he is considered to be one of the best fullbacks in MLS.

It was great to have Anton back in the side and his experience and quality will be important during this busy run of games.

Welcome back Anton, we’ve missed you.

Bounce Back

Sunday’s game saw the culmination of a tough week for NYCFC.

The team expected more from the past seven days than they received, but with the future brings more opportunities to improve. The quick turnaround is another test for the team to navigate, but with it comes the chance to put the last result behind them.

Soccer, like many things in life, is more about how you react to setbacks, and this team has shown before they can summon something special when their backs are against the wall.

Two Halves

Nick Cushing said it himself; the game was one with two contrasting 45-minute periods.

While NYCFC were not happy with their performance after the first half things picked up in the second period. It’s important to take the game in totality, and while they were areas that required improvement, it is worth considering the positives also.

The Boys in Blue exerted more control over the game after the break and were able to cause Philadelphia problems while giving up few chances.

If they can produce that type of showing at TQL Stadium on Wednesday they will get back to winning ways.

What A Run

One result does not define a team.

NYCFC’s stellar unbeaten run of form was not only a consequence of hard work but also a representation of the team’s ability and potential.

By breaking records this group have raised the bar and set themselves a standard to aspire to. It won’t be easy, but nothing worth having ever is.

Last season was defined by the team’s ability to respond to setbacks and string together good form, and they will be asked to do that again in 2022.

Taty Stays Calm

If you’ve ever taken a penalty you’ll know it can be quite a nerve-wracking experience.

Throw in the fact it’s the 89th minute, your team is 1-0 down, and there’s a baying crowd praying you miss and the pressure mounts quite quickly.

That didn’t seem to impact Taty Castellanos all that much on Sunday as he stroked the ball past Andre Blake.

That takes composure and typifies the quality the team has in the final third.

Having someone with that mentality leading the line is a blessing and while it didn’t ultimately lead to a positive result it should give the whole team confidence moving forward.