New York City FC revealed its new adidas secondary jersey this morning. To get a behind the scenes understanding of what exactly went into the creation and design of this shirt, spoke to Mike Walker, the adidas Global Product Manager for Major League Soccer. 
Walker, the man spearheading each MLS jersey design, said that each kit typically takes close to 2 years and, for that reason, the next design is almost immediately begun after the new design is launched. For New York City FC, the inaugural season’s kits offered a challenge for Walker’s team of designers because they had a shorter time window to design (three kits in two years).
Walker talked about the design process for this year’s secondary jersey.

An Exclusive adidas Interview on the New Secondary Jersey -

“We knew it needed to be about New York and really engage the fans of each borough,” said Walker. “This was a chance to go and do something slightly different, a little bit more engaging.”
After receiving fan and player input, Walker brought those requests to his design team and put together a pitch concentrated around the crest on the jersey and energy of New York City. Walker explained the meaning behind the energy radiating from the crest.
“It’s the epicenter of what we’re talking about,” said Walker. “It’s the energy and chaos of New York and that is why the lines are not perfect circles— there’s a lot of variation within there to show that it’s not a perfect circle. New York is a little crazy and a little bit chaotic, but always comes with a lot of energy. Once you get these descriptors, this translates into art very well. “
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Fans were at the center of the design process. The neckline of the jersey reads, “This City Never Sleeps” a line that New York City FC cityzens voted for.
“No other league in the world allows the fans to have input like that” said Walker, who gave kudos to the MLS for embracing this type of fan engagement through the design process.
Walker also gave the team a sneak peek on the early design pitches for next season’s home kit.
“There will be a new design element, but I would expect it to be City blue,” said Walker.