Dome Preview: Torrent Impressed by LAFC's Start

As the Boys in Blue prepare to take on LAFC on Sunday, Dome Torrent spoke to reporters at City Football Academy on the game against D.C. United and the challenge which lie ahead.

Returning to practice after the goalless D.C. United draw, Torrent is placing an emphasis on keeping the ball and maximizing attacking opportunities when in possession.

“We have to make build up, we have to improve when we have the ball. In my opinion, we play much better when we keep the ball and pass the ball," Dome said. 

"I like to take possession of the ball but with the mentality to score. When you pass the ball in the right moment - you have to attack. That’s for me, the best way to play soccer.

“We have to be focused, this year especially, when the opponent has the ball, to recover the ball as soon as possible, make high pressing, and make the build up when we have the ball. Or when, for example against D.C., we knew when we pass the ball, our keeper passed backwards, they made high pressing. We practice a lot when that happens you have to spread out, drop to the ball and play - that’s the best way to play and we will try to play this year.”

When transitioning from game to game, Torrent has to adjust to each opponents style of play and find the best way to take on the challenge ahead. 

He reflected: “The most important thing to me, for example, the next opponent, I watched the last two games and every game is different for us. LA plays 4-3-3 for example, they make high pressing but it’s different than the high pressing from DC,” said Torrent. “LA plays 4-4-3, that’s the reason why you have to change the tactic a little bit, you have to play in the same way, high pressing and build up, but you need to change a little bit because they play differently.” 

Torrent creates his game plan after analyzing each opponents style of play through watching film and understanding their approach. After taking his time to observe LAFC, he was impressed by them and also found the way they play similar to one of his previous teams, FC Barcelona. 

“I’m impressed with their performance, especially in the last two MLS games because they play really well," he asserted. 

"When I worked with Pep Guardiola, in Barcelona they play 4-3-3, they respect the position, even the players as Vela, has a commit with the assist, stay wide sometimes, I like the way they play, especially when they have the ball. They have a clear idea when they play soccer. 

“I like the way they play, especially because I know this way, the 4-3-3, the attacking midfielder in the position, doing it wide when the ball is on your side, and overlap. But they respect the position, for me, it’ll be a tough game because they are in top form right now.”

NYCFC welcomes LAFC to the Bronx in their second meeting in the clubs history on Sunday. Don’t miss out on celebrating St. Patrick's Day with your Boys in Blue, as they look to secure their first win of the season.  

Dome Preview: Torrent Impressed by LAFC's Start -