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Today, Monday March 8, Cityzens Giving Young Leaders around the world marked International Women’s Day through a series of initiatives to celebrate the power of soccer to uplift and empower women and girls in local communities. 

Activities kicked off with two forums on Cisco Webex, connecting inspiring female young leaders from over 20 cities to discuss women in soccer, bias, inequality, and positive role models. 

Annabel Finch, Community Outreach Lead Coach, City in the Community Manchester said: “This morning we hosted a workshop for Young Leaders to discuss International Women’s Day and what this means to them. It was inspiring to hear the heart-warming stories, thoughts and opinions that encouraged these Young Leaders to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions they have faced. What an amazing group of women that are truly inspirational role models to young females and also males in their communities. Everyone left the workshop empowered and ready to Choose to Challenge.” 

Cisco technology is powering the connectivity and collaboration between young leaders across the world throughout this season, enabling them to share community soccer know-how and innovation, and helping them to accelerate their impact for children and young people all around the globe.  

In their communities, Young Leaders are driving a number of activities this week, using soccer to empower young girls.

Young Leaders in New York spoke to their counterparts across the world, including Los Angeles, Manchester and Mexico City, engaging in an open dialogue about what International Women’s Day meant to them.

Around the world, activities included female soccer festivals, Q&As with local female role models, and soccer-based education sessions on the importance and history of International Women’s Day. 

Young Leaders are also supporting Same Goals, Manchester City’s annual global event aimed at increasing female participation in football with a social movement that encourages girls to score goals. 

Stay tuned to find out how they got on. 

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