World Children's Day

Cityzens Giving Young Leaders connect on World Children’s Day to celebrate the power of soccer to uplift city kids.

Today, Friday, November 20, Cityzens Giving Young Leaders in over 20 cities around the world are leading a series of virtual and in-person activities to engage and uplift children in their communities through the power of soccer.

Following the first-ever virtual Young Leaders Summit in July, Cityzens Giving launched a new global learning network which aims to connect young leaders to share innovation and expertise in community soccer, further their leadership skills, and deepen the positive impact for city kids in local communities.

To that end, Youth Leadership Councils have been set up across three regions, led by City in the Community representatives from Manchester, New York City and Melbourne. Their first task was to create a series of regional forums, beginning with World Children’s Day.

As part of the initiative, Cisco technology is powering the connectivity and collaboration between Young Leaders in more than 20 cities throughout the year, helping to accelerate this impact for children and young people all around the globe.

Events kicked off on Thursday with a live City Talk featuring Young Leaders from Manchester, New York City and Melbourne sharing their experiences of using soccer to empower better lives and stronger communities.  

Kwame King, Youth Leadership Coordinator at City in the Community said: “This is a fantastic way to celebrate an important day and connect youngsters from diverse backgrounds and different parts of the world. I truly believe there is no such thing as a bad child in this world and young leaders here in New York City and globally continue every day to use the power of football to lift up kids and help them succeed in life."

Today, and over the weekend, a series of youth-led activities are taking place, including digitally connecting kids from different cities via Cisco Webex; creative games, quizzes, competitions, and soccer challenges, and practical soccer sessions to educate participants about children’s rights.

This forms part of City Football Group’s mission to empower city kids through soccer and help communities around the world to get back on their feet as COVID-19 continues to impact society.

Stay tuned to find out how they got on.

Cityzens Giving Young Leaders Connect on World Children’s Day -