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In Philadelphia, Braylin, 16, will work with young people to deliver regular soccer and art activities at a newly refurbished pitch through the Our Play, Our Voice project.

Philadelphia is a city with a rich history and a diverse population. Whilst many areas of the city are rapidly changing, some communities have not yet felt the benefit of economic growth.

For many young people, this means that they often do not have safe spaces to play and take part in healthy activities with their peers. 

Braylin and other Young Leaders from Philadelphia will bring a sense of regeneration to their own community.

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They will be part of a community-led refurbishment of a soccer pitch, transforming it into an artistically designed safe space for young people to take part in regular soccer and art activities, where they will build positive relationships and stay healthy.

Braylin believes that this new field will bring new opportunities to the community.

“This new field is going to increase the confidence of the parents to let their kids out.
“It brings the neighborhood together. It keeps the environment safe.
“Therefore, kids can come out and exercise and be part of the community.”

This project is delivered in partnership with love.fútbol.

You can now vote to support the Our Play, Our Voice project in this year’s Cityzens Giving campaign at

Cityzens Giving | Safe Spaces in Philadelphia -