City Blue Card | A New City Member Benefit for 2020


Introducing the City Blue Card: A new City Member benefit for 2020, designed to empower our supporters to bring more soccer-loving New Yorkers into the New York City Football Club family.

Starting in 2020, each City Member will receive an allotment of City Blue Cards along with their Season Card, with every City Blue Card entitling the recipient to two tickets to a number of select games at Yankee Stadium.

Whether you deliver your card in the style of a referee is entirely up to you, but If you’ve ever struck up a conversation on the beautiful game in a bodega, at a pub, or in the back of a taxi with a soccer-loving New Yorker who hasn’t been to one of our games, this is your chance to show them what live top-flight football in New York City really looks like.


How Does the City Blue Card work?


  • City Member keeps their City Blue Cards on them at all times, ready to "book" a potential new fan in everyday NYC life – in the office, in school, on the subway platform, or on the street.
  • The City Blue Card is given to this someone encountered in real life
  • The directions on the card send the recipient to where they enter the unique code on the back of the blue card to unlock access to their tickets.
  • That’s it! The person you "booked" attends the game of their choice and experiences New York City FC soccer.


Did you receive a City Blue Card?

Click here to use the unique code on your City Blue Card to receive two (2) complimentary tickets in designated seating areas to remaining 2020 regular season home matches.