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In Quotes | NYCFC 1-0 Columbus Crew SC

New York City FC defeated Columbus Crew SC 1-0 at Red Bull Arena on Monday night. Read what Ronny Deila and your Boys in Blue said about the match.

Ronny Deila

On the team getting three points against Columbus...

"It is vital of course but like I said before the game - we can beat anybody and everybody. We have beaten Columbus and Toronto, the two best teams so far. We had a tough start of it because it has been stop and start, we have played away all the time. So now, we need to do something to turn it around. As I said, the performance today was amazing, really good. I think this will be momentum for us. Something we can build on for the Chicago game on Saturday. The dressing room was happy, tired of course...It is important to really enjoy the win and then get ourselves ready for Saturday." 

On the team meeting before Columbus...

”I felt after the game against Red Bull that there was something that we weren’t connected enough in what we did. And [the players] were very clear and what style of play: being more in [the opponent’s] half and more offensive in mentality. I think that’s great for me because that’s what I want as well. It’s always about communication. Small things can make a big difference. One thing is what you mean to say and another is what gets received. But today I saw a team that takes responsibility and really, really was committed to each other and to the match plan.”

Alex Ring

On the empty stadium and missing the fans...

"It's not home without our fans. It doesn't matter where we play, playing without fans is hard. Fans push you to go harder. Every player in the league, around the world, misses performing in front of fans. It's what makes the game special...I miss the fans. [They] give the game a bit more intensity, and they can lift you up when you need it...I just want to say I appreciate all the support we've been getting and hope to get back to normal soon." 

On the goal celebration...

“Everyone has a right to their opinion. But I think it's easy to say stuff, hard to say it into my face and into the face of the team. It felt good to win, good to score. It was just something spontaneous. It comes with the role I have. For example, when things aren’t going our way, it’s my responsibility and I take that. It’s fine with me.”

Sean Johnson

On how big of a win this is...

"I think it was a really big win for us. We were in a position where we needed points. I think the focus was on us and what we needed to do, not so much worried about where Columbus was in the table. It was really important stick to the things that have made us successful in the past. We dug deep, I think there was a real fight and a real commitment to playing. I think you can see it all around the pitch. Nobody was scared, nobody backed down and we were always on the front foot."

On Alex Ring...

“The way we've played this year is no reflection on him as a captain. I think he's a great leader. He puts his best foot forward. He steps up in big moments like you saw today, and he's, a true leader in moments where we need him. We all support him, through and through. Critics will talk and when we're doing well everybody will be behind us and in rough moments I think everybody will look to point fingers. But I think he's a solid part of this team. He has the utmost respect of the players.”