Cityzens Giving

Cityzens Giving supports young leaders in cities around the world to tackle tough challenges affecting their communities, through the power of football. $500,000 has been donated from City Football Group and its partners and you, the fans of New York City FC, decided how funds are split by voting for your favorite project. To learn more about the Cityzens Giving project in New York City, click on the video below and vote for a project at

New York City Project: Soccer & Connecting Communities

New York City is the fourth most diverse city in the United States, yet many young people remain isolated in their own communities.

To tackle this, Emily and other Young Leaders in New York City are creating safe spaces across the city with access to free after-school and summer street soccer programs and festivals. These programs will connect kids and young people from different communities and celebrate the melting pot of cultures for which New York City is famous.