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Why auto-renewal membership model?

With the auto-renewal program, you never have to worry about missing a deadline, losing your seats, or securing playoff tickets and you’ll always receive the lowest price – guaranteed. Plus, you won’t have the hassle of renewing your seats after each season. The auto-renewal program enables you to pay over 12 months* for your City Membership, as well as all future seasons. You also have the flexibility to cancel your membership at any time with 30 days’ notice.

How will I be notified of any changes to my City Membership, such as pricing?

Any changes to your membership will be communicated via email on file at least 30 days prior to each season’s auto-renewal date.

What payment plans are available?

There are three payment plans available:

  1. Pay in full
  2. Quarterly Payment Plan
  3. 12-monthly interest-free payment plan.

Mastercard® is the preferred credit card of NYCFC.

Can I change my payment plan?

Yes – moving forward you would be on the new payment plan you select. You can also make larger payments at any point using your online Account Manager.

Can I split my account or transfer seats?

Transferring ownership of seats or an account will only be considered if:

  • The new recipient has been listed as a secondary contact on the account for at least one full year (365 days).
  • Corporate accounts where the tickets are transferred to the principal of the same company (written correspondence must be provided on corporate letterhead).

Please note that seats may not be transferred from one account to another and there is a maximum of one (1) account per household.


What other benefits come with the City Membership?

See all of the benefits here.

Do I get a discount in the stadium?

Yes! City Members receive 10% off concessions and merchandise in the stadium as well as merchandise online. Please note that this discount is ONLY at Yankee Stadium.

Do I receive discounts on merchandise?

Yes! Please contact your Membership Rep or email

Do I get a discount for parking?

City Members have access to a discounted parking package with up to 40% savings.

How can I put my tickets to good use when I can’t attend a match?

  • Trade-In - Trade-in tickets for up to six (6) matches you cannot attend
  • Resell - Resell your tickets on TicketMaster Resale.
  • Transfer - Send tickets to family and friends via online Account Manager when you cannot attend a match.

Can I add someone to my account?

Yes! Contact your Membership Rep to share contact information for your secondary contact.

How do I get tickets to away matches?

Mobile Ticketing

What are the benefits of mobile ticketing?

Mobile ticketing eliminates the two week delivery delay that was in place for PDFs, allowing Members to send their tickets to friends and family whenever they want. NYCFC will offer the opportunity for fans to send and receive mobile tickets on a smartphone in addition to traditional hard stock paper tickets.

Why is NYCFC moving fully to mobile ticketing?

Since the inaugural season, PDF usage has dropped over 20% amongst City Members, with mobile becoming increasing more popular. NYCFC will continue to move in the direction of mobile ticketing to provide fans with this preferred ticketing experience.

Why are PDF tickets no longer available?

By eliminating PDFs, the NYCFC ticketing experience will become more convenient, safe, and secure. Also, getting into Yankee Stadium on matchdays will be faster and easier than ever!

How do I access my mobile tickets?

Your ticket(s) can be accessed on your mobile device through My AccountManager. The ticket(s) can also be loaded into Apple Wallet for iPhone users. Tickets will operate on both iOS and Android devices.

Can I still send my tickets to a friend?

Yes! Simply login to My AccountManager and follow these steps:

  1. Find the match for which you’d like to send tickets. Click "Transfer"
  2. Enter the name and email address of the person you’re sending tickets to
  3. Make sure you entered the right info. Click "Confirm Transfer"

I don’t have a smartphone. How do I access my mobile tickets?

Please visit the ticket windows located adjacent to Gate 4 at Yankee Stadium. As long as you have a valid NYCFC ticket account, we can reprint your tickets.

What happens if my smartphone battery dies or I lose internet access on Matchday?

Please visit the ticket windows located adjacent to Gate 4 at Yankee Stadium. As long as you have a valid NYCFC ticket account, we can reprint your tickets.

What does a mobile ticket look like?

A mobile ticket contains a unique ticket verification (QR code). It also contains the customary ticket information that you are familiar with seeing on a traditional hard stock paper ticket such as game date, time, section, row, seat, etc.

What if my phone is not compatible?

Any Smartphone that can browse the Internet can load a mobile ticket. If you don’t have a Smartphone, please go directly to customer service at the Yankee Stadium Ticket Office adjacent to Gate 4. Upon presenting proof of original purchase, a traditional hard stock paper ticket will be printed for you to use to enter Yankee Stadium.

What does it cost to use a mobile ticket?

There is no mobile delivery fee associated with a mobile ticket, however, your cellular carrier may charge a fee to browse the Internet on your Smartphone. Please consult your cellular plan for any additional charges.