Season 5 has been a wild ride so far.

From a club-record 14-match unbeaten run, a second consecutive U19 national championship, and an historic eSports trophy. Another 24-Hour Game played in the heart of The City That Never Sleeps, and a pledge to bring free soccer to city blocks through the New York City Soccer Initiative. Beautiful goals being built together, by a family that strives to reflect the greatness of the city we call home.

As a City Member in 2020, you will gain access to our most valuable membership yet, including flexible ticket exchange for the games you can’t make, more City Member exclusive First Team events, and the introduction of the City Blue Card, empowering you to grow our beautiful game where it matters most.

Thank you for your unwavering support of New York City’s Football Club.









Starting August 26, we’re ramping up to the postseason with Fan Appreciation Month, which will include giveaways, seat upgrades, in-game activations and a whole host of member-only events.

Featuring a FIFA Tournament with our eChampions League winner Chris Holly, our second First Team Awards Party and Shirts Off Our Back, there’s more opportunities than ever to kick it with the NYCFC Fam.

Check out the dates so far and stay tuned for more Fan Appreciation Month events and opportunities in the coming weeks.




Aug 22, 2019

Grungy Gentleman Event

Aug 26, 2019

Member Appreciation Month Begins

Aug 26, 2019

Local Ford Classic

Aug 27, 2019

City Select Classic

Sept 4, 2019

FIFA Tournament

Sept 8, 2019

A Day at Etihad City Football Academy

Sept 16, 2019

Family Field Day at Spins Hudson

Sept 18, 2019

Mesa Redonda

Sept 19, 2019

City Member Open Practice

Sept 25, 2019

Member Appreciation Month Ends

Sept 25, 2019

NYCFC Philly Special Away Trip










General Membership and Renewal Information

 How will the auto renewal process work?

Sit back and relax, you are all set for 2020!. As a Member, you are enrolled in our Auto Renewal Program. The first 2020 Membership payment will be processed on September 15 and set you up on the 12-month payment plan.

The period to make changes to your account opens August 15 and closes September 14. If you would like to make any changes, please call your Membership Development Specialist by September 14. If you wish to cancel your membership, please fill out the opt out form by September 14. Once your Membership renews, you are subject to the terms and conditions of the Ticket Policy.

 How can I view my 2020 seat location, pricing, and payment info?
  1. Log into your AccountManager.
  2. Click Continue (next to Total Invoice Amount).
  3. Review your seat location and total price. Click Continue.
  4. There are 3 payment plan options for 2020. Payment amounts of each can be viewed by clicking “+ Show Details”.
  5. Select the payment plan you want to use for 2020 and click Continue.
  6. Select your payment method.
  7. Click Purchase Tickets. Please note, your card will not be charged until September 15, 2019.

You are not required to follow the steps above. If no selections are made, we will automatically enroll your account in the 12-month payment plan using your 2019 payment method. Switching to the Pay in Full or 6-month plan will provide greater flexibility when using the Ticket Trade-in Program.

 Am I able to transfer ownership of my City Membership?

Primary account holders can transfer ownership of tickets to individuals who are designated on their account as a secondary account holder for at least one season or immediate family members. We must receive, in writing, permission from the primary account holder with understanding they are releasing the rights to the seats. Please call 855.77.NYCFC for more information.

 How do I reserve my playoff tickets for the 2019 season?

As a City Member, you are automatically opted into playoff seats on the “Pay as We Play” program. This program reserves your season seat location for all potential home playoff matches (except for MLS Cup) at a preferred City Member rate. Your card will not be charged until a match is solidified and only will be charged one match at a time. If you do not want to reserve all playoff matches, there will be a period to opt out in September and you can purchase tickets at full price through the single match process.

 How many matches does my City Membership include?

Your Membership includes all of 2020 NYCFC MLS regular season matches. These matches will be announced once the 2020 MLS schedule is released.

 Can I choose to have my season tickets on generic ticket stock for 2020?

If you would like your season tickets printed on generic ticket stock instead of receiving a Seasoncard(s) please follow the steps below.

  1. Log into your AccountManager.
  2. Click the “view all quick links” drop down under the Need Help? box on the left side
  3. Click “account settings”
  4. Click the “Survey Questions” link
  5. Click the drop down to select “Generic Printed Tickets” as your preferred method of ticket delivery

Please note, by choosing generic ticket stock you will no longer receive in-stadium discounts and any other benefits that require you to present your Seasoncard.

Changes and Additions to Your Membership

 I have an account credit. Can that be applied to my renewal?

Yes! Your account credit can be applied to your 2020 City Membership by calling your Membership Development Specialist at 855.77.NYCFC.

 Can I relocate my seats or add seats for the 2020 season?

Yes! All Members are automatically signed up for the seat relocation process,, giving you priority to get the seats you really want. More info will be released once the renewal process is complete. Please note, you must first renew your current seat location.

 How can I purchase accessible seating?

Yankee Stadium provides accessible and wheelchair convertible seats located throughout the stadium in a variety of price levels and viewpoints. These tickets are available as a season ticket purchase. If you would like to relocate in/out of ADA seating or add ADA seats to your City Membership, please contact your Membership Development Specialist.


 What if I do not want to continue my City Membership for the 2020 season?

You have until September 14 to opt out of the upcoming season once you receive your invoice in August. You must opt-out by filling out the opt out form. You must complete these opt out procedures by September 14. Once a payment is processed on September 15, there will be no refunds or exchanges and you are subject to the terms and conditions of the Ticket Policy.